Moving to another part of the city or just a couple blocks down the road? Our main principle is that we treat our guys with care, so that on moving day, they will pass along the same level of care to you. Our team is highly professional and will handle your belongings and property with care.


Relocating to another part of your state or crossing the state line? Whether you’re moving across town or across the country, we’ve got you covered. We have the experience and equipment to secure your items safely and get them there undamaged and in one piece.


Need to move your business or offices? We’ll handle it with minimum downtime. We know time is money and we want to help you get back in business and back to work as soon as possible. Schedule our services for day or evening moving. We can accommodate your schedule with our flexible scheduling and get you back to running your business in a timely manner.


Our affordable hourly minimum provides you with the best option for internal moving services. We can help you rearrange large items and furniture into other areas of your home or business. Our team is trained to move large and heavy items with care and ease.


Get your full or partial packing service. Our team will efficiently and expediently pack your items for you. We can provide all the necessary packing supplies as well. Whether it’s a multiple office space or just 1 bedroom, we can fulfill your packing needs.


Don’t have boxes for your move? We offer different types and sizes of boxes at competitive prices. Make sure and let us know when getting your quote for more information on pricing.


Moving can be a stressful and complicated process. Our primary goal is to relieve you of that stress by making your expensive furniture delivery, store delivery or small apartment move a smooth and efficient experience to allow you the freedom to focus on your daily life tasks and family matters.

About Us

Elite Furniture Moving is here to take away the mental and physical stress of the moving process. Our mission is to take the load off your back and exceed your expectations with our exceptional service. We are committed to building a long-lasting relationship. Many of our clients extend our network by referring others as well as turning into return customers and staying part of the ongoing family that is Elite Furniture Moving. To us, you’re not just another customer, you are what makes Elite Furniture Moving possible and we appreciate that.

ELITE FURNITURE MOVING is a premiere San Diego full service moving company that serves local and long-distance residents, businesses, government & non-governmental organizations, non-profits, and anyone looking to move in and out of state within the United States.

Whether you’re looking to move locally or long-distance, our crew is always prepared and eager to help you with your move and can handle a wide variety of moving jobs. Our reputation speaks for itself as we boast a 5-star overall rating on Google and plenty of raving fan testimonials over the years.

We provide local, residential and commercial moving, and long-distance relocation of homes and businesses. We also offer complete packing and unpacking services, and onsite services, such as moving within the same building, offices, or community.

Trust us, we know moving can be very stressful and sometimes overwhelming. Let us be your anti-stress solution. We have the solution for every moving scenario and are dedicated to making the whole moving process easier and less stressful. From the beginning to end, you will receive the Elite Experience. From the pre-move planning phase to the unpacking and removal of your moving boxes. By building upon our philosophy of excellence and friendly customer service we look forward to satisfying your moving needs and setting you up at your new home. Looking for the most Elite moving company? Elite Furniture Moving is here for you.


Amazing service! They took care of our items and was very accommodating with our requests. Great help from these men. I recommend their service! Thank you!

Danah D.
Chula Vista, CA

These guys were great! They showed up on time, worked fast, and didn't damage anything. Definitely book them. They were wonderful.

Raleigh, NC
San Diego, CA

Awesome fast service very friendly and great customer service. Punctual and also worked fast.

Joseph C.
San Diego, CA

My move went smoothly and the movers were courteous and professional. 

Dawn H.
San Diego, CA

Everything was great. They were on time, dependable, and provided great customer service. They were courteous and patient - would definitely use again!

Joyce P.
Tucson, AZ


What makes us different from other moving companies in San Diego?

  • Our priority is customer satisfaction. We want you to be happy with our service and we always work towards that goal. We understand that a satisfied customer will call us for future moves, will recommend us to friends, family, co-workers and that isn’t just good for our business, but good for everyone.
  • We keep our word. Whatever we promise you, we will do. Part of that means No Hidden Fees, No Sudden Cancellations, we’ll be prepared and on time.
  • “Our movers were great!” That is what our clients say.. we call our guys great too ; ) All movers at Elite Furniture Moving are trained to do everything following our “Elite” standards of quality
  • Work Efficiently & Focus on Quality
  • Work Expediently and With Care
  • Address Customer Concerns With Professionalism & Consideration
  • Be Courteous & Friendly
  • Do Everything Possible to Make You Happy
  • … and many more reasons why we are the Elite standard